Beast Brothers – Rest in Beast Limited Edition Customs


The Day of the Dead inspired Rest in Beast (ed. of 10) is the latest custom creation from Carlos East of the Beast Brothers.   The 8” customized Munny comes with a hand-sewn outfit (tuxedo jacket, shirt, tie), gold pocket watch (time reflects edition number), a complete altar kit with all that you see above (minus the cemetery), and a hand-crated wooden altar box to store it all.  

While this is technically a limited-edition custom, Carlos has gone to great lengths to make this an ‘art multiple’ style product down to the numerous ‘altar’ accessories and the gorgeous box.    This offering has a cool lowbrow aesthetic right down to the 2.5D applied elements to the ‘dome and the ‘found’ vibe of several of the accessories.   The obvious and commendable  OCD attention to detail shows throughout and adds to the special-ness (how’s that for awesome vocab flexing…) of the piece.

Rest in Beast drops this on Saturday, May 9th @ 12 PM EST from the Beast Brothers web shop for $595.