Double Line – General Zoo Part2: Origins Presale


Double Line (Alan Ng) has just announced presale ordering for General Zoo Part2: Origins, the third edition of his innovative split-half resin figure featuring magnetic joints from Fool’s Paradise. This third edition features an armored left side and a near-naked right side.  Limited to 270 pieces, this one is $120 (includes worldwide shipping) and will ship in the June to July timeframe.

While the magnetic joints were an interesting curiosity with the first General Zoo Injury edition, they become pretty brilliant with these follow-on releases as they allow plenty of mix and match fun.  Part 1 and Part 2 of the Origins series match up well as you can see in the pics after the jump – from a ‘natural’ mix-match with skeleton/bare body pairing to a nearly fully armored pairing.  Props to Alan and Fool’s Paradise for breathing some originality into the scene.

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