Close-up: SSUReal From the Cradle to the Grave


Kidrobot has just released SSUReal From the Cradle to the Grave, the 2nd Kidrobot Black figure, from NYC artist SSUR (Ruslan Karablin),   This matte black vinyl skull with shiny gold plated ABS teeth features an embossed sylvan pattern across the entire piece (including the underside).  Here’s a close-up look at this new piece in an exclusive rain soaked photo shoot befitting the cycle of life/death.  

While the skull closely resembles a human cranium, the mouth and jaw have ape-like characteristics. The jaw has a small amount of articulation which provides some display flexibility between a closed mouth and a slightly open one.   The gold teeth are quite shiny and highly reflective.  The bling  is ironic here in that it does not signify superficial beauty as much as draw attention to the skull’s slightly savage appearance.   

The key design element, the decorative natural pattern, is nicely executed and lends the piece a degree of sophistication. The sculpted-in texture is a welcome break from the typical flat, smooth surface normally associated with vinyl art toys. 

Without a doubt, this new Kidrobot Black figure is unlike anything Kidrobot has made to-date.  This is a ‘dark’ piece in all senses of the word – beyond the obvious black color, the piece has a brooding look which is likely to scare away lovers of brightly colored kawaii pieces.  And that might be part of the draw.   This lifestyle piece presents an under-represented aesthetic within the vinyl medium and in doing so may find a passionate niche audience which will likely include many who have never or rarely purchased a Kidrobot piece.   

SSUReal from the Cradle to the Grave (6”) is limited to 200 pieces and is available from Kidrobot Black for $200.