Seen: Munny World Launch @ 225 Forest


Last Thursday Kidrobot and Hurley joined forces to launch the new Munny World figures at the latter’s sweet 225 Forest concept store in Laguna Beach.  Hurley was kind enough to arrange a limo ride down from LA which I was fortunate to enjoy along with artists Carlos Ramos and Korin Faught.   Situated next to the Candy Baron, 225 Forest slots nicely into the surrounding shopping area. Once inside the two story space, the  first thing you’ll notice is the 20+ foot high site-specific Dalek painting which was unveiled the same evening.

The Launch Party got off to a quick start with the first ten attendees scoring free Munnys.   Beyond the  early-bird old school Munnys, the full line of the new Munny World figures was available for purchase.

Of course a Munny is all about jumping in and customizing it however you see fit.  In addition to standard art supplies such as markers and paint, 225 Forest had plenty of unconventional customizing hardware – big metal spikes, huge thumbtacks, and seriously wicked nails.  Turns out all  of these look great embedded in a Munny. 

Several previously customized Munnys were on display as inspiration including pieces by Hurley artists Jason Maloney (above) and Aero.  Additionally, Carlos Ramos grabbed a pen and created his own custom on the spot.

In addition to all the DIY action, attendees had the novel opportunity to create and purchase custom apparel with their choice of Munny World graphics in the Hurley Workshop which features on-the-spot sublimation technologies.  More on that shortly.