Shawnimals – Professor Fliggins #11: Hobo Sandwich


Professor Fliggins’s journey is nearing an end.  His eleventh discovery (of 12) is the Hobo Sandwich who he accidentally took a bite out of before he realized his mistake. Hit the jump for the official tale of the Hobo Sandwich.  Limited to 100 pieces, this handmade plush  (6” x 6” x 2”) includes Lunch Bunch buddy accessories, a note from mob, a goody bag with a sticker + 2 buttons – all in a brown paper packaged tied with string for the handmade touch.  

Hobo Sandwich drops this Thursday, November 19th @ 1 PM CST for $40 (+shipping) from the Shawnimals web shop.

Fliggins_HoboLunchBunch2 buttons_hobosandwich

Fliggins makes a NEW Discovery: Hobo Sandwich by Shawnimals

Chicago, IL USA – While Fliggins searches for his home land, hoping to find it before Mr. Demon does, he must land in the Lumplands to avoid a huge swarm of Flying Devils! While there, hiding from the baddies over head, he devises a plan to escape with the help his new Lump friends. Off he goes to Foodlandia, where he hopes to find the final piece of the puzzle, and specific directions to Professor Island.

He lands, and famished, finds a sack lunch on the ground. Perfect! Except for one thing: There’s a family inside, but Fliggins doesn’t notice until he takes a bite. It gets worse when Fliggins realizes the very basket he’s been using for his airship once belonged to this Hobo Sandwich and his family. Ugh! There’s much more that’s revealed as Fliggins figures out his next step, including an EPIC BATTLE!