Proto Monday >> MINDstyle’s McChina by Ron English


Happy Proto Monday to you.  After a weekend full of treats, we’ve got one more for you.  Here’s the very first look at a prototype of  MINDstyle’s McChina (10”) by Ron English.  With an eye towards his  first major solo exhibition in Beijing, Ron has transformed his ever popular and critical look at an indelible fast food icon.  Clad in retro Chinese military fatigues, McChina considers the evolving role of a new China by juxtapozing the past with contemporary commercial realities.  Awash in a multiplicity of meanings, this figure will serve as “MC” / official mascot  for Ron’s Popaganda Pop Up shop as part of the Fall 2010 Beijing show. The Master of Popaganda continues to impress and provoke critical thought.