Proto Monday >> Angry Woebots x Silent Stage — Panda King

Panda King - shot

Happy Proto Monday.  We've got something special for you this morning. We've been waiting awhile for an original Angry Woebots figure.  Not for much longer! Here's the very first look at the upcoming Panda King resin by Angry Woebots and Silent Stage in unpainted proto form.  The impending release is the culmination of a journey that began when Silent Stage laid eyes on Angry Woebots's sketch from '04.  Shown here without his crown, this beastly Panda stands 8+" tall and is just as wide at the elbows — he's a big 'un.

Silent Stage will show the Panda King proto at DesignerCon this Saturday, November 21st @ the Pasadena Convention Center with an online release shortly after. With a bit of luck, the Panda King proto will be shown fully painted in all of its regal glory.  Limited to 60 pieces, the first edition will be hand-painted by Angry Woebots and come with a mini print in a custom box. 

Panda King DrawingPanda King- Face