Tomenosuke JP Exclusive Hi-Def (10.03)

HI-DEF JP hi-res

Hitting us up with some very exciting surprise news, kaNO gives us the dish on the Tomenosuke Japan Exclusive  Hi-Def. This piece is super limited to only 50 pieces world wide and will only be available in Japan for the 3rd Year Anniversary of Tomenosuke. This all white figure comes with white jacket and white record accessories. Each figure is numbered and signed by kaNO Kid himself. We also witnessed him signing these figures during SDCC in the back of the ToyQube booth and we had to keep our mouths shut ever since (it’s been hard). These are set to drop on October 3rd at Midnight JST. We end this post with a few words form kaNO.

"I had originally planned to only make 3 colorways for this toy but I made an exception for my good friend Shinji, so don’t miss out on being one of the only 50 people to have a complete Hi-DEF set. Happy Anniversary Tomenosuke!!!"