Michael Lau x MINDstyle x DLB — M.L.M.D. Watch Set


With each announcement, anticipation continues to build for Michael Lau’s 10th Gardener show which opens with a private VIP opening this Tuesday in Los Angeles.  Michael  has created a treasure trove of  highly desirable collectibles for his milestone exhibition. Blending fashion with toy design, the newly announced  Michael Lau x MINDstyle x De La Barracuda  show exclusive M.L.M.D. Watch set is loaded and includes the new M.L.M.D. figure, the all-black Submilgaytona watch, and a bonus NFS limited purple and gold ‘champions’ LA fat figuremlmd1.jpgmlmd5.jpg 

In honor of the 109 Gardeners, the set is limited to 109 hand numbered and signed pieces  by Michael Lau. The  Gardener Tenth M.L.M.D. figure (production sample shown here) is based on the new watch design, which each body part drawn from a watch component as detailed below

– left and right eyes = the "12" and "1" hour graphic on the dial
– nose = the second arm
– mouth = the different hour graphic on the dial
– left arm = the hour arm
– right arm = the minute arm
– left and right feet are different as the top and bottom band
– right shoe is from the "4" hour graphic on the dial
– the head and figure = Michael Lau
– the crown = MINDstyle
– the cross pattern on the body and color version = De La Barracuda

Featuring two limited figures + a stylish watch , the M.L.M.D. watch set is bound to be a favorite with collectors. The set including the purple ‘n gold LA Fat will be available during the Gardener 10th show (9.29 – 10.3) for $495.

De La Barracuda
7769 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California
90046 USA

mlmd2.jpg mlmd4.jpg