Kidrobot’s Death to False Vinyl Rally (9.4)



In what is no doubt a response to Taco Bell’s Bell Hedz, which bear a disturbing similarity to their Dunny platform toy, Kidrobot is throwing a Death to False Vinyl rally tomorrow, September 4th in NYC on the corner of Houston and Lafayette from 11:30 to 1:30.  The ‘bots will be giving away 1000 free Dunnys.  A good day to be a New Yorker.

What’s being left unsaid in Kidrobot’s announcement with karmic flier image is that this has the makings of a toy showdown of sorts.  The Taco Bell truck is scheduled to be at the very same corner at the same time giving away free food and of course Bell Hedz.  Hopefully people will clearly see the real deal vs. the imitator when they are literally side by side. It’s a clever way of making lemonade from lemons.  The real winners – lucky folks who live in NYC.