Jukai x adFunture – Mini-G


After a soft launch at Taipei Toy Festival, adFunture is about to drop the Mini-G Series 1 figures featuring a smaller version of Jukai’s cool G-Robot figure. The series features twelve designs by Jukai, Remix Taipei, Revelator, Dacosta!, Marka27, Antz, Filter017, Phalanx, Vinyl Pulse and adFunture Studio.  Given the figure list, we might be just a bit biased, but in our opinion  the 3.5″ Mini-G stands as one of the nicer new mini-fig platforms with a hard-edged urban design that packs interesting arm/hand articulation.  

Order them now at adFunture’s web shop for $9.50 per or $190 for a case of 20.

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