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It is week 25 and we are still in business. Yet again we have some more folks you should be following. You never know when one of these folks will drop some amazing news. Just like our other FF’s, here is another shameless plug for our twitters. @VinylPulse and @Vpeast, DO IT!

@Brian Flynn
Location: SF, CA
Bio: Founder of Hybrid Design and Super7.
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@Lulubell Toys
Location: Tucson, AZ
Bio: Kaiju, Designer Vinyl & Urban vinyl toys. That’s our passion. Lulu = Love Love
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Location: Lille
Bio: SKWAK is a french illustrator from North of France, His unique graphic universe (Maniac World) is soaked, choking…
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Location: CT
Bio: artist / toy customizer
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Location: Bradford
Bio: custard4gravy artworks shop
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