Behind the Scenes: Michael Lau’s Gardener 10th


After months of anticipation, the 10th Anniversary of Michael Lau’s Gardeners series is upon us. 9.29.09.  The milestone Gardener 10th show opens tonight with a private VIP event at De La Barracuda and then continues with four nights open to the public (thru 10.3).

Michael Lau and MINDstyle were kind enough to indulge our desire to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the setup of this amazing show.  Walking through rows and rows of the 109 Gardeners was a great and humbling experience.  At the risk of sounding like a uncontrollable fanboy, the style and details in Michael’s classic 12″ figures have a visceral appeal.  It’s cliche, but seeing these art pieces up close and personal is so much more powerful than looking at flat 2D images.  The exhibition layout is perfect — allowing 360 degree viewing of each piece, displayed on a wood-grain design stand.

Beyond the early look at the show, I enjoyed watching Michael put the finishing touches on the show.  His meticulous attention to detail shows in nearly every aspect of the presentation.  As you stroll through the exhibition, it’s important to realize that the life and energy of the figures is in part due to the careful way in which Michael has posed each and every Gardener.   The sight of the vinyl pioneer posing the 12″ Jordon Gardener eroded any pretension of trying to be cool and detached.  Just had to take the lens cap off again and string together a long series of shots.   Be sure to click through for a glimpse at the making of Gardener 10th.  This probably goes without saying — but this show is not to be missed.

De La Barracuda
7769 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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