Seen: Tristan Eaton – Products of Our Environment


Tristan Eaton opened his newest solo, Products of Our Environment, at C.R.E.A.M. Projects in Brooklyn on July 25th, 2009.  The show featured a new series of hand-distressed, spray paint on metal pieces which appropriate the visual form of commercial packaging for satirical and critical effect.  As an environmental, outdoor installation companion to the gallery pieces, Tristan put up his own street signs  around Brooklyn — each with eye catching, thought provoking, and downright hilarious messages.   In addition to the products of our environment pieces, the opening marked the first NYC showing of  Tristan’s ‘Postcards from America’ series of paintings which were first shown in Brazil.

Wanting to break through the status quo of white walls lined with art, Tristan turned the show into a party for all featuring  a bbq and  free tattoos from a catalog of his work by Alex McWatt of Three Kings Tattoo — inspired idea. 

Tristan’s street signs are an excellent outlet for his work so we’re happy to report that he’s got more cooking on that front.  Enjoy the pics courtesy of Thunderdog Studios.