Seen: Amanda Visell – Wood Donkey Dunny @ KRLA


Amanda Visell started her four cities in four days tour for her brand-new fabulous Wood Donkey Dunny by Kidrobot with a Tuesday release at Kidrobot LA on Melrose.   Prior to the doors opening at 6 PM, the line wrapped around the corner and lasted until a few minutes before closing at 8 PM.  Amanda sketched on the Dunnys, the boxes, sketch books and of course DIY figures especially Mini Munnys. 

A few collectors mentioned that the Wood Donkey Dunny is their favorite 8″” Dunny so far — a pretty bold statement though understandable.  It’s a nice design and pushes the Dunny shape with the cool 3D leaves and the excellent wood texture complete with a rendition of Amanda’s dry brush technique.   Don’t hold us to this, but we believe there are a handful or so of Dunnys left at KRLA…  Up next:  KRSF (Wed), KR Dallas (Thursday), KRNYC (Friday).  Wood Donkey Dunny will be available from on Thursday, the 20th.