Vinyl Frontier @ 5&A Dime


Saturday night at 5&A Dime was a viewing of a clip from Daniel Zana’s documentary on the world of designer toys, The Vinyl Frontier. Along with the 15 minute sneak peak came a question and answer session with artists from the movie, which included: Kozik, Tara Mcpherson, Attaboy, Jermaine Rogers, Keith Poon, kaNO, Thomas Han, Sucklord, and El Maz. The Q&A consisted of questions such a: What inspires your art?, Where did it al begin? and any upcoming projects you would like to share with everyone? When that question hit Tara, she spoke of an upcoming all female series with Kidrobot. Cannot wait to hear more on this. The Q&A session was then followed by a raffle, which had goodies from Kozik, Tara, Keith Poon, and 5&A Dime. A big congrats to Daniel for a successful event. More pics after the jump.

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