Cardboard Spaceship: Scribe, Angry Woebots, & Peekaboo @ SDCC 09


Cardboard Spaceship brought along some heavy hitters for this years SDCC. Two of which had some amazing resin figures and the other with some an awesome collabo print as well as mini baseball prints. Scribe and Alisa Ross made it all the way from Kansas for one of San Diego’s biggest tourist attractions. Scribe was there for his exclusive Rumpus release and a surprise Sumego and Bee release, while Alisa was there for her plush release.


Peekaboo made his presence felt with the release of his SDCC exclusive  “The Birds” figure, which sold out very quickly.


Angry Woebots was also there with his collaborative poster piece with Scribe. One more awesome thing from CSS were their Baseball Card sized framed mini-prints from Shane Jessup, Andrew Bell, Scribe, Angry Woebots, Peekaboo, Jesse Hernandez, and Kozik. More pictures after the jump.

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