Drilone & 1AM Gallery Presents: Into The Darkness (06.05)


Currated by a name we often see here on VP, Drilone puts together another killer roster for a custom toy show at 1AM Gallery. “Into the Darkness” will have over 60 different artists from all around showcasing custom pieces. This show takes place tonight, Friday, June 5th all the way to the 3rd of July. The opening reception starts at 6PM and ends at 10PM. Artists include:  64 colors, Brian Colin, Cris Rose, D-LuX, DrilOne, Keith Poon, Leecifer, Lunabee, and more that can be seen here. This show should be epic, so be sure to drop by the gallery, look around a bit, hang out and enjoy everyone’s company!

First Amendment Gallery
1000 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103