Devilrobots — 4” Strawberry To-Fu


Japanese design studio Devilrobots has produced an impressive army of designer toys over the years. Their most iconic character is without a doubt the To-fu.  One of the hallmarks of Devilrobots’ designs is humor which has brought us Smery, a nose-holding character based on stinky tofu popular in Taiwan, and the bubble gum blowing to-fu designed for Singapore-based Play Imaginative, a poke at the fact that chewing gum is illegal in the Asian city-state.

Just in time for summer, Play Imaginative has released the newest incarnation of their gum-blowing Devilrobots To-fu in a new size – the 4” Strawberry To-fu (shown above with the previously released Strawberry Play Tofu minis).   Look for it at your favorite retailer for a suggested price of $13.95.