Dave Pressler for the Study (6.6)


LA sculptor and artist Dave Pressler will make the trip to Ohio for  Saturday’s (6.6) opening of ‘The Study’ @ Rivet, a four person show featuring Dave’s work as well as that of Doktor A, Johnny Yanok, and Steve Cvinar.  Dave will offer several sweet reins including the brand-new Punch-Bot!, a hand-crafted one-off sculpt.  He also will be offering the final Robot Gangster Mouse (ed. of 50) which was thought to be sold out until long-forgotten parts for one more figure were recently discovered.   Additionally, expect a sweet Gas Powered Dragon Black Suit Edition (love that sculpt!).

Finally, we’re happy to report that Dave’s original vinyl figure — Angry Clobber Monkey from Munky King will be on display in final vinyl at the show.  It won’t be available for sale until probably sometime in July, but whoever makes it out to the show will get a first-hand look at the real McCoy.  Congrats Dave — just a bit longer!

Rivet Designer Toy and Art Gallery
1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201