BUD & NADE reject DUDs



When life gives you lemons, you make…  DUDs.  At least that’s what Jamungo did when they received a  shipment of 9” BUDS and NADES that do not glow even though they were designed to be Blue GID.  Their solution, have a sense of humor and mark them for what they are DUDs.  Each of these failed GID vinyl weapons has “DUD” stenciled across its face to indicate its reject status.   So far Jamungo has only created 50 DUDs (25 NADEs and 25 BUDs)  — they can be yours for $20 each + ($5 shipping). Send paypal to sellmethat@jamungo.com and specific BUD or NADE or both.   Kudos to Jamungo for coming up with a relatively green solution to their ‘lemon’ problem.