Artwork From The Spiki Release VIA Kuso Vinyl (06.15)


Monday at 12PM PST, Kuso Vinyl will have all the artwork from the Spiki Release at Urban Outfitters a few weekends ago. Kuso Vinyl is the official manufacturer of the sneaky Spiki figure and will be the guys to go to get your Spiki fix. They will also carry the Spiki giclee print, each print is signed and numbered by Nakanari and measures 11” x 14”. The print is limited to only 50 pieces and costs $50 each. Be sure to check out the release here on Monday! Be sure to check back with us at Vinyl Pulse for a special give away, sponsored by Kuso Vinyl and Nakanari. Pictures of the pieces right after the jump.

spiki-warholprints18x18 dokuro-8x24 mirro-acrylicmirror mo-mang2 mo-manga1 mo-sliceseries01 mo-sliceseries02 mo-sliceseries03 mo-wwfspoof-3d6x6 mo-wwfspoof-bw6x6 rocketthing-diamond12x12 rocketturtle-18x24 rocketturtle-diamond12x12 skullfish-acrylicart spiki-6x6 spiki-24x36 spiki-giclee36x24 spikigirl-6x6 spiki-graduation spiki-hulk8x24 spiki-swak