Studio Visit: Dehara


[Luke Rook recently had the good fortune of visiting Japanese artist Dehara in his studio while we was preparing an army of new toys.  Enjoy his first-hand report.]

The always gracious Dehara allowed me to poke around his little studio. His studio may of in fact been quite large, I wouldn’t of known because it was swimming in new figures. This painting machine, with the help of only one assistant, has produced over 520 figures in like a week. Uh……….that’s insane. What is even crazier is that he was even coherent to give me the inside scoop and not just be passed out on the floor.

Ice Bats
x25 each version Subcarism exclusive

Caucasian x80 worldwide
African x80 worldwide
Accident x40 Subcarisum
Piolet x20 Handa Airport

Menta Kun
Pink x60  worldwide
White x30  worldwide
Green x60  worldwide

x50 each worldwide


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