MINDstyle’s Serv-O-Matics by Brandt Peters


Brandt Peters
brings his  retro ‘toon wolrd to life with MINDstyle’s Serv-O-Matics blind boxed minifig series (3.5″ – 4″)  due in late June.  Keeping things in the family, Brandt continues the tradition of creating a premiere art toy series which began with the extremely popular Scavengers figures created by wife Kathie Olivas.

Featuring 10 regular designs + a chase from Kathie Olivas, the mini series offers an expanded look at the Serv-O-Matics world which began with the recent release of the 12″ Peacemaker 32.9.  Here’s a break down of the ratios for the series —

– Cabb-E 2/15
– Peacemaker 33 (2/15)
РMayhem² 2/15
– Junior 1/15
– TestBot 2/15
– Miss Content (1/15)
– Slap Happy (1/15)
– Containment 5.5 (1/15)
– HotBot (1/15)
– Bobb-E (2/15)
– Cosmic Lily (1/30) Chase Figure by Kathie Olivas

The blind-boxed Servo-O-Matics figures ($14.99 each) will feature a high-quality box design similar to that seen with the Scavengers series. Looking to improve the integrity of the blind box concept, each figure-box will be shrink-wrapped to prevent tampering.   In another collector friendly move, each display box of 15 figures will feature a full set of the standard 10 figures.