First Look : Coop’s Lil Mort by Munky King


You’re looking at the wicked prototypes of the new Lil’ Mort art toy created by low brow painter Coop and produced by Munky King.  If you’re somehow not familiar with Coop, he’s well-known and maybe slightly infamous for his radical art featuring smokin’ hot rods and fast women (human and she-devil). The Lil’ Mort  reaper is one of Coop’s newer characters and epitomizes his irreverent and rebellious aesthetic.  

Even in proto form, Lil Mort looks great — evil yet darkly playful.  The skeletal details are impressive especially the hands and feet.   The toy  might just be an antidote to the status quo in the western art toy scene which is sadly lacking in toys that embrace the darker sides of life.

If you’re in SoCal, definitely check out Coop’s solo show @ Corey Helford opening this Friday, May 29th.  It’s his first show in  LA in roughly three years.