Subtext Presnts: The Kids Are Alright (05.01)


As a a guest curator, our good friend  Beau Basse is working along  side with Subtext to bring to you a group show entitled “The Kids Are Alright”. This show exhibits a group of amazing emerging artists. The is a five city showcase tour, that features 25 young artists straight from art school. This project is meant to help teach and guide these up and comers, with the help of  the several galleries these pieces will be displayed in. Show takes place on Friday, May 1st from 6-10 PM and runs all the way til’ May 31st.

Participating artists include: Danni Shinya Luo, Luke Berliner, Ching Ching Cheng, Asia Eng,Julian Callos, Ryan Dineen, Nicole Dreyfuss, Mylan Nguyen, Nimit Malavia, Yuta Onoda, Martha Chan, Dominique Fung, Jeremy Lynch, Wendy Cogan-Toyoda, Andrew Holder, Eric Davison, David Jienw, Steven Gonzalez, Linda Kim, Steven Gonzalez, Timmy Lee, Diana Kim, Chelsea Greene Lewyta, & more.

2479 Kettner Blvd.
San Diego, California 92101