Seen: 100% Free @ Stitch Tokyo


[Here’s the latest transmission from Luke Rook, our man in Japan.  He checked out the 100% Free exhibit which featured custom versions of the upcoming Danke Schoen vinyl bear designed by Touma].

Is there anything Touma can’t Toumafy? Yes it’s a verb. Touma along with Danke Schoen have created a very cute and still very Touma teddy bear. Stitch hosted the jump of point where artist from all over the design field put their own mark on them. It’s kind of like taking something cute then adding a little more cute on it. Fun little show.

The Owner of DANKE SCHOEN gathered 14 creators who were actively involved in a wide variety of industries. The show features  the original creations by each artist, along with the subject “DANKE SCHOEN”and the theme “100% FREE”. They are all one-off pieces and available for sale.