McBoingBoing – El Diablo Wave 3 (4.2)


The third wave of the El Diablo resins created by Robbie Busch (aka DJ mcBoing Boing) and produced by Argonaut Resins drops tomorrow – Thursday (4.2) @ 12 PM EDT through the Argonaut store.   This wave features a total of four figures (#16-19 of 25) – Clear Amethyst (mmmm…. clear), Red Pants, Blue Pants, and mono.  Each El Diablo is hand-painted by Robbie himself and comes with a matching original 2.5” x 3.5” canvas painting, hand-painted packaging, and a signed certificate of authenticity.  El Diablo Wave 3 will retail between $125 – $150 depending on the figure (+ s/h).  Props to Robbie and Argonaut for injecting a healthy dose of DIY cool back into the scene – shows mad love for collectors and collecting.

DiabloRedPantsOG2 DiabloMono2 DiabloRedPantsOG3DiabloMono3