FX International – Project Vinyl Sneak Peek


FX International opens tomorrow in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center. We’re in town/on site and we thought you’d like a preview of the Project Vinyl show within a show.  In collaboration with MINDstyle, Disney’s Stitch is set to make a big splash here.

The breaking Stitch news is that Project Vinyl is the very first place to buy the brand-new officially licensed  5” Stitch figures produced by MINDstyle.  The first six production Stitch art toys are by Ron English (two designs), Buff MonsterAngry Woebots, kaNOPeekaboo Monster.  For this special advanced debut release, there will be fifty of each figure available at the show.


These look very cool in person – the smaller 5” shape compliments the cuteness of the character.  The printing is sharp and although more impressive considering the impossibly short turn-around time for these figure.

This is  also the first US stop of Disney’s Stitch Experiment 626 Project Custom Art Tour featuring 50+ custom 10” Stitches including roughly 15 never before seen pieces.  We’ll be bringing you pics of the tour pieces and setup tomorrow.



The Orange County Convention Center – West Building
9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

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