Ferg’s Next Squadt – Gohst Specimen 001 (4.20)


Whoa.  We’re already digging Ferg’s new SQUADT line from Jamungo x Three Zero.  The first Nozzle release which featured a strong military feel coupled with an unexpected cyclops face sold out very quickly on the day of the drop.  So while we weren’t surprised to see an email about the next figure – Gohst Specimen 001 has us wiping drool off our keyboards.

It’s not more of the same – Ferg has flipped it up.  The military aspect has receded to the background, and the art toy aesthtic with the three-eyed creature is front and center.  The tech jacket, machette, and shotgun tie it back to the military vibe.

Limited to just 100 pieces, Gohst Specimen 001 drops on Monday April 20th @ Noon CDT.