Canceptual v.3 (5.2)


Crewest  presents an artistic turn on recycling with their third Canceptual group show (flier) opening on May 2nd, 2009.  Celebrated artists  as well as rising talents (full list after the jump)  will take their used tools of the trade, spray cans, and turn them into works of art.  For the ‘06 show pieces ranged from painted cans to 3d sculptures starting with the cans as the base. 

110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Canceptual Artists

3 Sheets, ACME, Alonys Art, Anthony Aguirre, Apricot Mantle, Art Martinez, Astek, Auks, Bill Gallagher, BRANDED, Brian (Negro Picasso) Ross, buna, c3po, Dan Ruhrmanty, DANIEL BARAJAS, Dash2000Fidel, David MacDowell, DCYPHER, Downer, DRAST CBS TBG, Dres13, Dyroza, Dytch66, Earn One, Eduardo73, Eriberto Oriol, Ernesto Vazquez, FLASH ABC, GAPE, Ghost One (UTI), groty dct, Gwen Mercado-Reyes, HASTE, Huit (COI), inept, J.Edwards, Jarrod Barton (boost), Jason Jacenko, Jessica Ward, Jesus Gomez, Jonathan Bueno, Jose M. Loza, Jose Reyes, Just Elias, Kaman Chow, Kelly Thompson, Lalo Alcarez, Le’ Nik, Lucho, MARKA27, Maya Villa, Miki Lorena, Miwa “miwaLyric” Kayama, Modern Day Monster, New Colony, Nicole Kaspereen, Noah Ptolemy, Rebornz Art/ Randy De Leon, Rel.One, REVEL, ROME, Ruthie Pie, Shark Toof, Sherm, Skyler Gonzalez, SMEAR, Sophia Gasparian, Stacy White, TEEL ONE, Thomas J. Schaeffer (the Messenger), Travis Moore, Vanessa Hampton, Vyal, Yuki and many more.