Why don’t these artists have toys ???

So here’s my second installment of Why dont these artists have toys?

Its possible some toys are in the works from these talented folks, Im just saying if they're not then they should be.

Here we go.

scott campbell

He has a unique simple style that oozes character. He can clearly tackle a lot of characters and bring them into his world.

 SushiStarsInTheGut-copy Hungrying-copy


Lola's paintings seem like they’re just a little piece of the diorama she’s built in her head. These creatures are begging to crawl around on your desk or at tea time.

moonlitchrys Strings_Pendulum
S Britt

This fancy pants smells of sesame street, grape bubble gum and pickles. So charming when I first saw his stuff I thought he must be a dead old fart.

tiny-owl fantagraphics-troll

Travis Louie

duh right? Fun and super scary.

2037180490_82180d6849 stanlg-1

Jim Houser

Cute, simple with pop! Theres a whole world behind every character and I want to know more.