Tribal x Marka27 – Tribal Edition Killa Instinct


Marka27’s Killa Instinct from Bic Plastics brings vinyl back to its urban roots.  So its only fitting that he has collaborated with legendary street culture brand Tribal on the Killa Instinct Tribal Edition due to drop at SDCC ‘09 (7.23 – 7.26) @ the Toy Tokyo booth. 

From this teaser 'slice, it looks this one is a study in contrasts — the clean, a metallic silver design + Tribal logos with the dirty — blood splatters.  The use of the silver gas mask instead of the standard-issue black seems to really give this Killa a very different feel.  Check back with us when the full figure is revealed.    The Tribal Edition is roughly 9" tall and will retail for a suggested $90.