Seen: Geisai #12


[Our man in Japan, Luke Rook, brings us a look at Geisai #12, a showcase of rising artists started by Takashi Murakami, which went down a Tokyo Big Sight this past Sunday (3.8).  Naturally, his focus is on the art and toys you all want to see. Enjoy.]

Geisai #12 came and went. It’s like Design Festa but more expensive and less fun. Although I didn’t actually pay, (thanks Goccodo boys). Had I of paid and already seen most of this work at Design Festa last year I would of been bummed. It’s a lot of the art for art’s sake a bit homogeneous and the booths tend to bend together with most work looking similar. There were a few jewels. Like Sunguts newest Yokai figure and Goccodo’s new man on the can.  [ed: Loads of pics after the jump].

Check these peeps out: