Seen: Filth – Station Wagon Drop + Custom Show @ KRLA


Filth (Luke Irwin) made the trip down to  Kidrobot Los Angeles for a special drop party for his new DIY Station Wagon figures from Kidrobot. In addition to a signing of the long-delayed toy, which comes in both white (200 pcs, $60) and orange (100 pcs, $75), Luke asked several artists to mold this unique platform toy in their vision. 

A display of the eight custom wagons marked the  first art show at KRLA since the store relocated to its current Melrose location.  Each of the custom pieces were quite good in their own right.  Several artists played with the wagon’s shape – through 3d additions or modifications.  Shane Jessup turned Filth’s toy into a mounted hunting trophy complete with ears.  Unkl flexed their kit-bash skills to transform the pedestrian civilian vehicle into a rolling armored pink death mobile. From pink to black, Superdeux murdered out the wagon and paid tribute to his Stereotype figure in one slick package.  Pon created a flying ‘wagon – but not just any flying wagon, no sir… This one is fittingly…  Pigeon powered – check the wild wings.  Rounding out the ‘3d’ school is Andrew Bell’s hilarious piece which stretches the limits of both our imagination and the structural integrity of this poor ‘woody’ wagon.  It’s a great mix of wild character design and realistic paint application for the vehicle. 

Tristan Eaton and Ryan Bubnis stuck with the basic wagon shape and in doing so took on the challenge of impressing purely through design and deco.  Tris’s black and white wagon flexes his love for Brooklyn and his unmistakable mixture of retro toons, graphics and logos.  On the other hand, Ryan’s echoes the cool laid-back 70’s vibe of the wagon itself – subdued yet stylish. 

Congrats to Filth on the wagon drop and to Kidrobot for bringing back a more laid back release style complete with art and refreshments (sushi, no less).  Be sure to hit the break for event pics – customs, signing shots and more.