Proto Monday >> Jared Deal’s Kanji


Today for Proto Monday we’re bringing you an exclusive first look at Jared Deal’s Kanji resin figure.   Drawing on inspiration from Japanese monsters, Kanji is a bulbous three-eyed beast.  Kanji ups the weird and scary factor while still retaining Jared’s signature ‘toon look (especially the facial details). The followup to Vladimir, this is Jared’s 2nd original resin art figure done in collaboration with sculptor Eric Nocella Diaz’s Argonaut Resins.   Look for the 1st drop on April 1st (no, seriously).

Keep watching Vinyl Pulse for more on Kanji in the near future.  We’re curious to see how the figure will be painted – perhaps a spray-based approach similar to that used with vintage Japanese monster/Kaiju toys.   Finally, since life isn’t quite all about toys, look for Kanji to join Vladimir on brand-new artist series metal cuffs from Tattooed Steel.

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