Mark Ryden’s first Toy- YHWH



Updated: New Info + Images

Whoa…  The holy grail ? Maybe that’s too strong – but we’ve heard so many rumors of an art toy by the incomprable Mark Ryden  we were wondering if it would ever see the light of the day.  But that day is here.  Based on the painting of the same name,  YHWH stands 16” tall (rotocast vinyl) , has three acrylic eyes and is slated for a mid-summer release from Long Gone John's Necessaries Toy Foundation.  The first image of the new figure is this beautiful shot by Brian McCarty done for an upcoming issue of Hi-Fructose.  The eyes in particular are stunning – love the ears too.

Speaking of Hi-Fructose, they posted an excellent piece on their blog about the making of YHWH with quotes from both Mark Ryden and Long Gone John.  It made us smile to learn that Ryden’s son Jasper was finally the one to convince his father to make an art toy and also chose the character.  On the subject of the long-rumored toy, Long Gone John explains that it’s been a three year struggle to get the toy made properly with results that satisfy Ryden’s understandably high standards. YHWH is currently in production after failed attempts at two previous facilities.   In terms of editions, there will also be at least two limited editions – one white, one black (80 pieces each).

In more Ryden toy news, YHWH sculptor Dave Pressler will be revealing a step-by-step making-of process on his blog next week. Interestingly, the original plans called for a figure of the girl to accompany YHWH.  Ryden eventually decided to focus solely on YHWH.

yhwhpaint RYDENBOX

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