Proto Monday >> Scribe’s Rhino


KC artist Scribe has gained a big following from his vividly creative and masterfully executed custom figures.  Which left us and I’m sure others wondering when his own characters would make the jump from his artwork to the realm of art toys.  Here's the first (of hopefully many) answers.

For a special President's Day edition of Proto Monday, we're happy to bring you the first look at  Scribe's limited-edition  8" resin figure of his signature Rhino character complete with bucket, plunger, spray can and backpack) coming from Cardboard Spaceship.  Want more info ?  So do we.  More as we get it. 

We're happy  to see Cardboard Spaceship and others embracing resin as way of bringing original characters to market in very low runs.  This exciting trend has definitely sharpened the art toy genre's edge by reclaiming its early risk-taking  spirit.

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