Bob Conge’s Bank America (Come Suckle on the Tit of Credit)


Bob Conge of Plaseebo has just unveiled his newest sculpt, Bank America: Come Suckle on the Tit of Credit.  Started roughly six months ago, by the blatantly unfair and even predatory practices of American backs.  Bob mentions that he wanted to “express the true image of the bank beneath the placid mask of business as usual”. 

The strikingly visceral piece is a unique urethane cast of Bob’s original sculpt.  It measures 12″ x6″ x 4.5″.  It has glass inset eyes, rubber baby bottle nipples, and a red glass heart cover in green shit symbolizing his view that “The bank takes your money and then shits on your dreams“.  The sculpture will be available shortly from the Plaseebo website.

While we might not necessarily want this piece in our living room, we’re definitely impressed by Bob’s biting expression and his considerable sculpting and aesthetic talent.  From Plaseebo to Sum (and son of Sum) to this new piece, Plaseebo Custom is producing some of the most unique and evocative sculpts out there. Plenty more pics after the break (some pics may not be 100% work safe — depending on your employer)