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Oct 31, 2008

Sket One – You Asked For it for All Tomorrow’s Parties


Sket is over in England at this very moment for his solo exhibition, You Asked for it, in conjunction the All Tomorrow Parties’s (atp) festivals .  The show began on October 30th and continues through Halloween at All Tomorrow Parties’ (ATP) London venue.  It will then run for one evening on November 1st at the Birmingham venue.

Sket will present 6 16x20” original 2D pieces as well several customs including many incarnations of Ripple.  And what’s that oozing into the picture on the left?  Marshmallows anyone ?  In addition to the original art, Sket’s production Dolbee produced by SOLID industries for ATP’s Clownshoes toy division will be available at both venues.

London Venue
The Forum
9-11 Highgate Road
London NW5

Birmingham Venue
Space 2, The Custard Factory
Gibb Square
Birmingham B9 4AA




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