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Jul 08, 2008

Switcheroo @ SDCC: Poopicorn & Pistol Pedro Buckle


Over the past few months many collectors (including us!) have been asking about Amanda Visell’s SDCC plans. We’re stoked to be able to bring you the answer first.  Here’s what  she and Michelle Valigura will drop  through their Switcheroo brand at  the summer’s biggest show.

Since we debuted her Poopicorn on Proto Monday, “when?” has been on the minds of Amanda’s collectors.  The wait is almost over.  Amanda will  drop her hand-painted ‘Good Poopicorn’ resin sculpture at the show.  Sculpted by Julie B.,  Good Poopicorn is  figure #2 (heh) in Amanda’s Zoo Trip series.  The good-hearted beast measures 6.5” long and comes with boy, girl, bonus poop (yes!) and ice cream.    Limited to 25 pieces, Good Poopicorn will be available for $400 on Friday (7.25) @ 11 AM in the DKE Booth (#4732).

Not to be outdone, Michelle Valigura has teamed up with the metal wizards at Fully Visual to drop a Pistol Pedro belt buckle.  Soon to be an adorable plush figure, the Metal Pistol Pedro comes complete with real spinning mustache action and is ready to ‘shoot your pants off’.  Get it at the DKE booth (#4732) for $60. 



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