Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth figures @ SDCC


If you love underground comic artist Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth Comix, you’ll be stoked to hear that Span of Sunset is releasing two figures from the series @ SDCC —   Loady McGee and Sinus O’Gynus.  Johnny Ryan comments on both characters’ personalities “Loady McGee “is the spikey-haired, zit-faced jerk who loves watching snuff movies and eating teddy grahams”  and  Sinus O’Gynus “is America’s #1 wimp and Loady’s favorite punching bag”. Sinus is ready to rock with a knife and a paddle ball game and has a slit on the back for back-stabbing action.   Both have dead fish accessory. The figures ship in dirty outhouse themed boxes.

Three colorway (Regular, Toxic Green & Yellow) are available at the ‘con from Buenaventura Press (#1732) and Fantagraphics (#1716).