China Artist Series 1 Qees

It’s been a little while since Toy2R has launched a new 2.5" Qee series.  The Hong Kong based company will showcase ten  Chinese artists with the China Artist Series 1 Qees dropping in August.   No word on chases, but gut feeling says yes 😉 Most of the designs feature traditional Chinese elements while some blend the traditional with street  art and graphic design. Click through for a look at the other nine designs.

China Artist Series 1 Qees Roster (artist/figure)

Large Cake – 混彩
NIU arefreejing – Tiger Niu
Elephant Xiang – ELEX bear
Nic – Baka M
Shadow 2TUN – 琳琳
果子number 5 – China Girl
罐兒 – 觀
曾梓恒 – 青花Z
NothinGcha – China Flower
周陟 – 釋行者