Chi-Kit Kwong’s Chi-Bo


Fresh off the announcement of the 8” Ultimate Alpha figure, Galaxy Bunch has announced their antidote to the uniformity of the platform.  Designed by Chi-Kit Kwong, the Chi-bo project features a planned sixty Chi-Bots – each unique characters with their own stories to tell. Chi-Bo is a combination of the artist’s first name and ‘Bo’ (treasure in Chinese).   Quite an ambitious project – one that reflects Chi-Kit’s focus on the variations of personality — “I believe in the significance of individuality. The individual is ultimately the most valuable and main ingredient of humanity. The characters of Chi-Bo celebrate and reflect the beauty of humor”.  While all sixty characters have their individual personalities, each shares the common bonds of the Chi-Bo universe.

Prior to the August release, Chi-Bo will debut at Taipei Toy Festival and will also be shown at the Tokyo Wonder Festival  and SDCC.The Chi-Bots will be released in waves – five figures + a “secret” Build-a-Figure  (BAF) character.  The waves will be spaced two months apart – that’s alot of collecting ;-)  Each of the five figures in a wave will come with a mini-comic book + a different part of the sixth figure.  Collect all five figures and you’ll have all the parts needed to assemble the sixth Chi-Bot. 

The Chi-Bo ‘first strike’ features His Royal Highness, Tall Kitty, Action Kwong, Space Funky and Teenage Trackstar (above: first row, left to right).  The Miracle Shroom is the sixth BAF figure.  They range from 5  to 7 inches. 

The Chi-Bo world  is woven through three main story-lines: The Royal Zoo, The Great China Athletic Club and the Old East Town.  Each figure is drawn from one of these story-lines – whether it’s the quest for his Royal highness to reclaim his kingship, the tale of a band of ping-pong players seeking national glory, or day-to-day urban life.

Chi-Bo’s got our attention – we’re curious to learn more.  It’s one of the most ambitious vinyl projects in recent memory — sixty medium size figures slated for release over a course of less than two years.  After the jump — pics of each of the first six characters + comic-book sample pages.

action kwong posterTall Kitty posterTeenage track Star posterHis Royal Highness poster Space Funky poster
miracle shroom (Secret Character)

comic sample 1 comic sample 2 kitty pages kitty pages 2