Seen: Spring VTN

The Spring VTN (Vinyl Toy Network) went down yesterday (5.4.08) featuring exclusives, a variety of vendors, artist signings, and for the first time — panels.  The main draw (no surprise) were the exclusives including Amanda Visell’s Underwater Carnivorous Giraffe resin, Sket One’s Golden Tomato Buck Eye Rot (finally baby!), and the Red-Orange Sancho from Angels and Gringos.

The doors opened slightly before 10:30 with the line of collectors spilling into the vendor area.  People quickly went to their booths of interest to secure the choice exclusives and only then did they relax and take a look around at the whole show.  Unlike previous VTN’s, shoppers could relax as their wallets bled with music spun at the Mechanized booth  throughout the day.

VTN offered a couple of new wrinkles this year including  raffles($5 donation) throughout the day for several toys including Hachoo Monkeys, Mellows, Combat-R Zero, and the coveted Ringo (orange and the euro xclusive brown).  There were also two panels — one focusing on the many aspects of translating 2d artwork into 3d and the other addressing the personally vexing question of whether vinyl figures are toys or at. 

If all goes as planned, we’ll highlight a few figure/artists with separate posts, but figured you might like some general sights from the show right here and now.  Click through for loads of pics.

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