MINDstyle’s Buff Monster Line – Colorful Clear Future

MINDstyle (booth #1313) is showing off  a dizzying number of  upcoming projects from Buff Monster @ NYCC ’08.  Our hands-down-favorite are the new colorful clear Buff Monster figures shown both in the 3" and 1.5" forms.  While we’re speculating that the very nice 1.5" clear set will drop first, the 3" really are a step beyond their smaller counterparts.  If you’re wondering, these are beautiful  with no obvious bubbles.   
While the rainbow-hued future of Buff Monster toys is quite bright, the here and now has collectors pumped as well  They  made a run on the MINDstyle booth on Friday @ 4pm — lining up to buy Buff’s NYCC exclusive which sold very well.