Ashely Wood’s Bertie @ NYCC

Bigshot Toyworks has what may very well be the best designer toy here at NYCC.  Ashley Wood’s Bertie (WWR) is stunning.  At 14" tall, this figure has 40+ points of articulation and crazy detailed accessories.  Having played with a final production piece at the Bigshot Toyworks booth (thanks Klim!), I can say it’s everything people were hoping it would be  The articulation on the fingers is crazy (3 points per finger) — he can hold almost anything.  The weapons are also top flight — from the resin rpg launcher to the pistol complete with spinning revolver chamber.     Props to Bighshot for pulling out all the stops.  It shows very clearly in many aspects including the beautiful paint job.  The rust on the Dirty Deeds edition is sweet and has a nice tactile feel.   Additionally, Klim has used multiple production techniques to bring Ashley’s vision to reality — including abs, resin, and rotocast vinyl. 

Bigshot Toyworks are showing the upcoming Desert Rat and Dirtie Deeds editions at their booth.  They have six of the bloody Dirty Deeds versions for sale @ $300 which will be allocated via lottery due to the huge demand.