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Mar 10, 2008

Proto Monday >> Joe Ledbetter's Hammerhead

Today on Proto Monday we have something special for you -- Joe Ledbetter's Hammerhead, his newest addition to the Kaiju For Grownups line by Wonderwall and produced by intheyellow.  Enjoy the clay sculpts and the design art for the first production edition.  The goal is to have the teal design combining opaque and translucent vinyl  ready for Joe's first show in Japan -- Creature Comforts (flier) at Stitch which opens on April 4th, 2008.  

Beyond the nice sculpt, Hammerhead stands out because it's really the first  of Joe's seen-better-days characters to make the jump to vinyl.  Judging by the scars and wear and tear, Hammerhead's had his share of turmoil and isn't exactly his lean, mean self these days.  This all-too-human shark is a nice changeup and addition to Joe's vinyl menagerie.  Props.  Click through for plenty more pics and the colored design art.

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