Marka27 – MG2 Mexico Revealed

Marka27’s Minigods line of indigenous vinyl complete with a working speaker got off to a strong start with MG1 Brazil (above, right).  So we’re stoked to be able to bring you the very first look at the second Minigods figure — MG2 Mexico (above, left).  MG2 features an all-new fierce head sculpt.  In our opinion this one goes beyond MG1. The facial details and that of the headdress rock, dig the goatee as well.  And of course, MG2 proudly rocks the green, white and red. The Mexico colorway of MG2 will be limited to just 200 pieces.

There’s big and then there’s huge. MG2 measures  in at 17" tall versus 15" for MG1.   The technology’s been upgraded as well – MG2 features an external connection for an AC adapter.  So if battery usage is a concern, you can easily purchase and connect an external power source.   And these extras won’t cost more — MG2 will be priced the same as MG1, $120 for the Mexico colorway.

What about the wait?  Right around the corner. MG2 Mexico drops in April. More on the release later.  We have plenty of  great solo shots of MG2 after the jump, so click through.