Vinyl Artist Poll – WON ABC

This is the tenth and last  of ten artist profiles we’re presenting as we lead up to our Vinyl Artist Poll
in which we’ll ask you to vote for the artist you’d most like to see
work in vinyl. The poll is strictly for fun and to get a read on what
you like art wise. Click on each of the paintings to read a description of the piece by the artist. The poll goes live this coming Monday — so be sure to check it out and voice your opinion.


“I was born in ’67.  As my eyez opened I saw the bright light of the world.  Something happened that would make me follow the guiding light forever.  Delivered into this beautiful sick world, a VIRUZ in the ward contaminated my brain.  First of all the VIRUZ was weak and solitary, but HE gathered power as I grew.  As soon as I was able to speak he introduced himself to me:  ‘I am your CRIMINAL VIRUZ running through your veins – chilling comfortably in the director’s chair with a TV, plugging into your brain receptors just like I need.  Connecting some and disconnecting others, I’m gonna replicate throughout your body.”  That said and done the VIRUZ began to reproduce itself, at first I wasn’t sure for what.  More and more he contaminated my thoughts and emotions, but it was good like that.  It happened with no pain or rage.  I felt fine.  My only question was where the CRIMINAL element entered into the scheme.  Back then I didn’t understand why he didn’t discuss it, he just commanded me.  If I didn’t do it voluntarily HE would alter some of my brain receptors so that I did.  That’s how I came to steal cans, tagging and painting trains day and night, smearing outlines on kilos of paper, throwing up color onto anything that caught my eyz.  Building up my own cosmos, trying not to be caught up in the system, giving me the right to shit on public property so I could cover the world with a 0.1 millimeter coat of colour.  Without question the CRIMINAL VIRUZ commanded me.  …  Dedicated to all colour kamikazes who without asking contaminate the world with the colour virus.  Paint-armed rebelz forever.”

WON was born in Germany, but he has apparently not slowed down since – His web site (one of the most creative artist sites we encountered), shows projects ranging from a Sri Lankan prison and jitneys (tuctucs), to Guantanamo, to Polish trains, Carhartt ads and Central American BBQ chicken shacks.